Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Game Categories v5

Obsessive compulsive with your favorite hand held console? Worry no more! Here's again Bubbletune sharing and updating his psp plugin now on version 5.

This plugin allows you to categorize your games/homebrew. It comes with two modes, a mode which makes a context menu pop up each time you open your Game Menu and lets you choose the category, and a mode which displays multiple memory stick icons, one for each category.

Game Categories v5 Changes:
  • Fixed some firmware incompatibilities and related issues.
  • A large number of internal changes aiming at memory conservation.
  • If you change language in vsh the corresponding game_categories_xx.txt is now immediatly loaded.
  • Themes which use space padding to position text should now be handled correctly.
  • Introduced general support for UTF-8, including language files.
  • Normal menu on Triangle for Game didn’t work in Context Mode, fixed.
  • English and Japanese language codes were swapped internally, fixed.
  • Plugin was causing an odd crash in Internet Search, fixed.
Download: Game Categories Revised v5
Source: psp-hacks


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