Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gecko 1.9.3RC


brkirch and Link provide an update of the Gecko OS they resumed development following the departure of nuke, it has broken all relations with the middle of the hack Wii.

This "new" version, though unofficial, has received approval from the development team responsible for the USB Gecko (although it is possible to use Gecko 1.9.x if you do not have the USB Gecko).


  • The loading of game no longer requires a reinterpretation of the disc
  • Added support for new ID Homebrew Channel
  • Fix loading string to use the selected type of hook, instead of always using the hook VBI
  • Changing the method of prevention for the error 002 on the channels
  • Added support for using the CIOS on reboot
  • Fixed file loading dol / elf
  • Added support for the System Menu 4.2

Download: Gecko 1.9.3RC
Source: dcemu


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