Friday, October 30, 2009

Goear PSP v1.1

clizana has released Goear PSP, a homebrew application capable of searching and downloading songs directly from music site to your memory stick.

Goear PSP is a homebrew created to search and download songs to the memory stick from the music site (also called the youtube of mp3's). It's in English, Spanish and a third language fully customizable (in the webpage you can see the template in "idiomas").

The homebrew comes with a third language, that is an example. Also in the link above can be downloaded the template to create other languages. If you don't want a third language just delete it from the GoearPSP folder (the language file is language.lng).


  • Triangle: Change Language
  • Circle: Enter the text for a new search
  • Square: Fast download*
  • Cross: Download* and select the filename
  • L1: Prev. Result page
  • R1: Next Result page
  • Select: Help

Download: Goear PSP v1.1
Source: qj


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