Saturday, October 10, 2009

LuaPlayer Euphoria v7.3

It’s all about effective simplicity with LuaPlayer Euphoria. The video shown above is the bundled 3D Cube demo. That and other useful code examples are included too.
What’s the future hold?

  • Add VLF library
  • Fix WiFi
  • Add AdHoc support
  • Add Tilemap support with collision, and multi-platform map editor
  • Add more 3D stuff
  • Add Chipmunk physics library
On a side note: Zack is looking for developers to assist in the development of LuaPlayer Euphoria. More following the source…

LuaPlayer Euphoria V7 Changes:

  • [+] Ported project from C++ to C.
  • [+] Implemented AAlib sound engine (Mp3, At3 & Ogg Playback On Media Engine + Wav support) and wrote a new sound core. (note usage has changed, please see the samples included in the download for new usage)
  • [+] Added Swizzle & UnSwizzle functions (note : Images are Swizzled by default)
  • [+] Added move Image to Vram function.
  • [+] Added optional Alpha parameter to screen:blit(). (ie screen:blit(x, y, image, alpha) – Makes for easy image fading in/out
  • [+] Added VFPU math library.
  • [+] Added Sony Message Dialog System.
  • [+] Added Sony OSK System.[*] Reworked IntraFont support.
  • [+] Added option to free/delete Images from memory.
  • [*] Huge code cleanup.
  • [*] Various fixes that I cannot remember.
  • [+] Source code now available.
Source: retroemu


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