Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pimp My Wii v1.3

Here is "Pimp My Wii", an homebrew that will install missing and outdated titles from your Wii console.
A "title" can be an IOS or your Wii version. You can update your Wii securely using this homebrew and you can too update your Wii Shop to have the same advantages than the Wii 4.1 without these disadvantages.
The homebrew is displayed automatically in english or french depending of your Wii's language.
  • New option in the menu "Downgrade IOS 15". You only choose the IOS to use to downgrade the IOS 15 that will restaure the trucha bug inside.
  • Now when you pass a simple test, there is no more initialisation of internet/sd/usb and do not propose the downgrading of IOS in certains cases.
    When no useful IOS has been found, it now use IOS 36 instead, or 28, 33, 55, 30 or the IOS used by system menu if they are not found.
  • Added a "Infos" mode where it writes informations on SD card about installed titles.
    If pimp my wii detects an outdated MIOS and if you have an non original MIOS (means a Custom MIOS), it will tell you that upgrading this will replace the cMIOS.
  • Displays navigation buttons.
  • Proposes the installation of EULA in manual installation.

Download: Pimp My Wii v1.3
Source: wii-info


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