Sunday, October 4, 2009

PSP Filer v6.2

PSP filer - Image 1 

Homebrew coder Mediumgauge has released a new version of PSP Filer, a handy file management application for the PSP. The latest update is mostly a bug fix release with some additional new features in the picture viewer.

Changes on version 6.2:

  • fixed a bug Filer 6.1 was crashed when opening RAR archive file.

Changes on version 6.1:
  • changed directory structure for kernel1.50 & kernel3.00.
  • changed XMB name for kernel1.50 & kernel3.00.


  • fixed a bug after edited a file, filer drawed wrong filesize.
  • fixed a bug after edited a file on RAMDISK, timestamp was not updated.
  • fixed a bug Filer was crashed when editing 0 byte file.
  • made to allocate memory, to use few memory as possible. Then, some kind of plugin may run with Filer. (Though I did not test any plugin)
  • on PSP-2000(or later PSP), enabled to copy a large file (>32MB) to RAMDISK.
  • changed a default file name when ripping from "umd.iso" to "ULJS-xxxxx.iso".
  • fixed a bug Filer was crashed when ripping UMD and found a bad sector on the UMD.
  • added a feature to transfer a file via wifi adhoc. (kernel3 only)
  • fixed a bug Filer did not move to default folder on startup.

Picture viewer:
  • added a feature to draw modified time of the picture.
  • changed a feature, when moving to the next picture, the next picture will be drawn which size fits to screen.

Download: PSP Filer 6.2
Source: pspslimhacks


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