Thursday, October 22, 2009

PSPedict v0.1

Homebrew coder PixelDragon has released PSPedict, a useful and handy Japanese - English dictionary for the PSP with more than 68,785 Japanese entries.

PSPedict - Image 1 PSPedict - Image 3PSPedict - Image 2 

PSPedict is a general Japanese <-> English dictionary with 68,785 Japanese entries. You can search in English via the On Screen Keyboard (OSK), or in Japanese using Hiragana/ Katakana. It is also possible to search using Kanji from a Kanji Popup window, or when navigating through the Kanjidic file (6354 entries).

You can save and load found sets, and store up to 2000 entries in each of the four study lists. Options are included to sort finds by original order, length, or reading.

See the readme for full details and installation instructions. I have tested it on a PSP 1000 with CFW M33-6 and 5.50 GEN-B (FULL) without any problems.

At this stage, I plan to include deletion of found sets and possibly include support for other files such as proper names, computer terms, etc...

Download: PSPedict v0.1
Source: qj


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