Friday, October 23, 2009

PSPInstaller v0.8 Beta

PSP Installer - Image 1

spike_132000 has released a new version of PSPInstaller. This app lets you download and automatically install homebrew games, apps, themes, and the like using only your PSP.

  • Added : by . This also applies to themes!
  • Added : Awesomely done work from Joomla who has created a sleek black theme for PSPInstaller which will now be released as default!
  • Working On : Still working on the delete zip file after downloading and installing
  • Working On : Blank Apps causing PSPInstaller to crash. With the current database file, this won't happen as there is no blank's.
  • Working On : Breif boot screen which is just going to be the LOGO.PNG file found in the images folder
And just to make sure everybody knows who's responsible for what, here are the credits:
  • Spike_132000 : Code
  • User1690 : Concept
  • Joomla : Artwork

Download: PSPInstaller v0.8 Beta
Source: tehskeen


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