Monday, October 26, 2009

PSPKVM v0.5.4 Final

PSPKVM - Image 1

PSPKVM 0.5.4 (final) is now officially released. This is release incorporates a host of enhancements and bugfixes trialled in the recent set of test builds and aimed at increasing useability, improving multilingual support, easing doing text input and generally smoothing out the user interface.

The complete changelog is now a bit long for a news post and is available with the build packages. In summary, however, highlights relative to release 0.5.3 are:
  • an improved backend typeface system supporting much, much larger TrueType fonts (tested successfully with 18 MB of font files attached), and supporting italic, bold, and italic-bold faces across all system faces, and adding support for a fallback font slot appropriate for massive pan-Unicode and Han character fonts. See demonstration captures in the wiki at
  • a new Danzeff-style virtual keyboard
  • extensive multilingual support (most if not all languages using Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic scripts supported) added to the existing semichordal virtual keyboard 
  • speed enhancements and improved support for use in large text panes for all remaining virtual keyboards, including the Chinese-input-supporting AWF virtual board--a floating 'smart placement' system overlays the boards over the text, but moves them as you type so you can't type under them
  • modifications to event handling in all virtual keyboards greatly streamlining GUI mechanics--you can now confirm and cancel text entry with far fewer keystrokes then previously
  • fixes to streaming multimedia support
    a folder system in the Application Management System, allowing the convenient management of large numbers of installed applications
  • an in-GUI configuration system now supporting the configuration of a number of features and subsystems (font system, virtual keyboard setup) previously only adjustable in the .ini
  • the ability to switch the X/O key use to 'Western'-style X-for-accept system wide
  • networking improvements allowing easier recovery in difficult connection situations
  • additions to the built-in font supporting most Cyrillic characters and common typographic symbols ('typesetters' quotes, em-dashes, etc.)
(And onward to 0.5.5.)



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