Sunday, October 18, 2009

Smashing! v2.0

A truly smashing hit on your Nintendio Wii, Smashing! 2.0 is a rather posh 3D arcade shooter by Warpfish for the Wii.

  • 4 new areas
  • Original Game modes re-vamped
  • Now a total of 7 Single player game modes
  • Now a total of 9 Multi-player game modes
  • New songs
  • Nunchuk Reload
  • Online Scoreboard
  • Crosshair animation and roll
  • Updated menu
  • Supports both NTSC and PAL correctly (we think)
  • Obeys Wii video shift settings
  • Song select
  • In game restart
  • Instructions updated
  • More accurate target hit detection
  • Get Ready, Shoot and Finished stages with sounds
  • Some environmental effects
  • Target colours now consistent across areas and modes
  • More sensitive reload

Download: Smashing! v2.0
Source: wiibrew


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