Monday, October 19, 2009

sysCheck v1.1 (UPDATED)

erikspyder released an update of sysCheck to version 1.1 which fixes the problems on the previous version.

This version fix the previous one.

* Fix Stubs detection (stay frozen on "Testing vulnerabilities in IOS" issue);
* Fix IOS Revision number displayed on Reload;
* Code cleanup.

erikspyder has released his first homebrew app for the Nintendo Wii by the name of sysCheck.

I've developped my first Homebrew for the Wii. This application does several checks on installed IOS and cIOS:
- Trucha Bug;
- ES_Identify;
- Flash Access.

sysCheck generates a report on the root of the SD card (sd:/sysCheck.csv).
This Wii Homebrew is a mix between signCheck (by The Lemon Man) and IOSCheck (by Svpe).
Download: sysCheck v1.1
Source: tehskeen


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