Sunday, October 18, 2009

Triiforce MRC v6

marc_max has released TriiForce MRC version 6, a open source channel loader wich will have support for nand emulation, patches, and possibly ocarina.
Triiforce mrc is a modification of the original Triiforce, but now with a new GUI.


* New minimalist GUI with images
* A button: play game
* 1/2 buttons: sort games
* HOME button: game options and save configuration to SD (it also saves your game order)
* Requires Waninkoko cIOS rev14

How to load images?

* Put them in sd:/triiforce_mrc/
* The menu will try to find the image file with all its four id characters (example: WTPP.png for Tetris Party PAL)
* If it can't find it, then it will try to find the image file with its first three characters (example: WTP.png will show for any region version of Tetris Party)

Download: Triiforce MRC v6
Source: tehskeen


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