Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wiiflow v1.1

Hibern has released wiiflow 1.1 a customisable polished USB Loader for the Nintendo Wii.

  • Fixed the black screen bug
  • Fixed the bugs with IOS 222 rev4, updated to 3.0C version of ehcmodule/dip_plugin
  • Improved memory management
  • Bigger themes are supported, about 150 HQ covers can be displayed simultaneously
  • Secured game loading, wiiflow now guarantees there isn't any conflict between itself and the apploader
  • Faster music volume adjustment
  • Improved external ehcmodule management : now it should be in sd:/wiiflow/ehcmodule#.elf where # is the IOS revision number (not tested)
  • You can change data paths in wiiflow.ini
  • Removed the short lag when you select an alt dol
  • Opened the source code (you'll be able to download it tomorrow, to leave some time to someone who might open a project)

Note that it hasn't been tested a lot, so there might be bugs, but that's your problem now
WiiFlow is public domain (for the parts i've made), so it's yours just as much as it's mine. You have all rights on it.

jceggbert5 has made a nice web page for wiiflow. I'll update the website tomorrow.

Download Lite Version: Here
Download Full Version: Here
Source: tehskeen


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