Sunday, October 11, 2009

WiiSCU v0.22

File:Wiiscu.png          File:WiiSCUicon.png
WiiSCU by Wack0 (updated by Illinialex24) (mod of IOS51+shop by tona) - powered by PatchMii. The application gives you the option to install new versions of channels and IOSes without touching the system menu.
Remember to be careful with IOS60 if your on 4.1 or lower, the new version (0.22) fixes the stub issue but it still can be dangerous if your internet or power goes off.
The new version has the source included because of the copyright. The current source download is for v0.21.

Can it Brick?
It is not likely but be careful around IOS60. The stub issue has been fixed but still treat IOS60 with caution if your 4.1 or below.
Also, make sure you have a steady power supply when updating system software; never do it during a thunderstorm. The channel options could banner-brick if there is a power cut whilst installing. Mr. Resetti recommends running the Wii through a UPS if you're paranoid.
At this point, you should have a NAND backup from BootMii just in case. This way, if you brick, you still have a way to fix it.

Please check the post on how to BRICK PROTECT YOUR WII here and here.

For anyone 4.1U and before: Version 0.22
For 4.2U users who do not plan on downgrading: Version 0.21
Source: wiibrew


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