Sunday, October 4, 2009

Yoshihiro’s 5.55 & 6.00 Games Decrypter

Problems? Yoshihiro’s Games Decrypter V2 should solve it. Give Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 a try now. And if you’re experiencing the black screen problem, change the UMD mode. I’ve had much success using the M33 driver.

Nevermind PSP Custom Firmware 5.55 or 6.00; Yoshihiro has released his 5.55 and 6.00 Games (EBOOT.BIN) Decrypter.

In short: use this tool to decrypt the firmware 5.55 or 6.00 EBOOT.BIN from whatever [legitimately purchased UMD] game, build an ISO image using UMDGen with the decrypted EBOOT, and botta bing botta boom — you’re playing on Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-B.

Instructions included.
All right, all right… I picked up my copy of MotorStorm earlier today and here’s the process I took. But first let me tell you about my PSP:

* 5.50 GEN-B2
* VshMenu is [currently] disabled; I got my reasons. You can no doubt skip a couple steps if you’re using it.
* UMD Mode: M33 driver -NO UMD-
* MotorStorm (US) UMD

The steps:

1. Install 5.55 & 6.00 Games Decrypter like any other homebrew.
2. Boot into 5.50 GEN’s recovery console by holding R-TRIGGER on boot.
3. Go to Configuration -> XMB Usb Device -> change to UMD Disc.
4. Enable USB mode from the XMB; copy UMD9660.ISO to your local; open UMDGen.
5. In UMDGen open the UMD9660.ISO file.
6. Navigate to PSP_GAME/SYSDIR; highlight EBOOT.BIN; right-click -> Extract Selected…
7. Save it somewhere; boot into the recovery console again (See step 1); set the USB mode back to Memory Stick (See step 2).
8. Enable USB from the XMB again; copy the encrypted EBOOT.BIN to your memory stick root.
9. Exit out of USB mode and run the Games Decrypter app.
10. Enable USB mode one more time.
11. If you closed UMDGen, reopen it and open UMD9660.ISO; browse to PSP_GAME/SYSDIR.
12. From the newly created DECRYPTOR directory on your memory stick, drag & drop the unencrypted EBOOT.BIN to the right windowpane in UMDGen overwriting the original file.
13. Save the ISO; copy it to the ISO directory on your memory stick.
14. You’re done.


Source: psp-hacks


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