Sunday, November 1, 2009

Briicks and more briicks...

If you look on the Feedjit tracker you may always see that everybody has a problem on their Wii (whether it is semi or full bricks), mine was bricked accidentally while installing cIOS 60 then a power cut off went on (I just can't go over it! HAHA!). And on the other side are owners that updated their system on System Menu 4.2. There are lots of Wiis just sitting there like mine but as you can see I've took my risk and I'm to be blamed on what happened on my Wii but for others that they didn't even know a stupid System Update was about to kill their Wii, are they to be blamed? If you're reading this right now and don't want to suffer like us bricked Wii owners, you might want to check the information here to prevent your system from getting there.

You may also check out bushing's report on bricked Wiis here.


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