Saturday, November 21, 2009

Crap 2.4b: Easy to use channel creator

I.R.on aka WiiCrazy has updated his PC based utility "Crap" to 2.3b. Crap is a easy to use channel creator to be used for creating custom channels on your Nintendo Wii.

So in what ways does this app differ from similar applications?
1. First of all it's the first configurable channel creator...

2. Unlike similar programs Crap has all it's features natively implemented. It doesn't invokes command line programs.. So it's not a mere gui.
AlexDp's wbfs manager should be put aside since that program also does it's magic natively without support from command line programs.

3. Because of above difference, Crap is way a lot faster than it's counterparts.

4. It has a banner sanity check for banner bricks which other programs doesn't have. Though it's still recommended to have means of banner unbricking before use.

5. You can install created channels directly using network.
There has been many updates, but the most recent changelog is:

* Second wad naming option (Game name-Disc Id.wad) fixed.
* List of games from Wbfs drive sorted by game name (May bork if
there are more than 1 game with the same name)
* Added ability to extract banners using wbfs_file.exe, copy
wbfs_file.exe under 3rdParty folder and use ISO/WBFS File selection
to open a wbfs file.

Download: Crap v2.4b
Source: tehskeen


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