Sunday, November 8, 2009

Crazy Intro v1.0

You can use Crazy Intro to customize the opening of your wii. You can display your selected picture and play the music of your choice at each start of your wii. Also you can assign your frequently used channels/programs to any button on your wiimote. You can use B or your configured button to quickly access homebrew channel.

  • Compiled with latest Grrlib 4.1.0 / devkitpro r19
  • Default intro can launch the Homebrew Channel with the new title id.
  • Added random theme support, in CrazyIntro.xml config file set the theme as random. The example configuration in the distribution also uses random.
  • Added random/sequential (up to 9999 pictures) boot picture support. So in a theme you can have multiple boot pictures and program will alternate between those boot pictures. See theme_explained.xml or supplied kanji_10 theme for it's usage.
  • Improved dol/elf loader, still buggy though in certain apps.
Install Crazy Intro
  • Put your custom opening picture in the crazyintro folder and change the config file respectively. (use resolutions that fit your chosen video mode, also supply offset values for the picture if needed)
  • Put your custom intro music in the crazyintro folder in the root of your sd card and change the config file respectively.
  • Put the CrazyIntro.dol in the root of the SD/SDHC card.
  • On power up press reset to configure Preloader .
  • Select "settings".
  • Change "autoboot" to "file" .
  • Change "return to" as "systemmenu".
  • Install the CrazyIntro.dol using "install/load dol File" feature of Preloader..
  • Reboot your Wii

Check out the video here.

Download: Crazy Intro v1.0
Source: wiibrew


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