Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dop-IOS MOD v8
Dop-IOS MOD is a modification of the application Dop-IOS that allows you to choose which IOS you would like to use to install other IOSes (with the trucha bug if you like). 

While the original Dop-IOS let you install other IOSes, it used IOS2491 to do it. As IOS249 is primarily a piracy IOS (which is in some cases is itself illegal) many people felt a certain resentment toward it's exclusivity on which the authors have no comment.
A better solution for all users would've been to allow users to select which IOS they use to install other IOSs. This is what Dop-IOS MOD does.
Since fulfilling its original purpose, Dop-IOS MOD has brought many new and improved features to it's Dop-IOS base (or "core" if you will) including GameCube controller support, the ability to install channels, and the ability to install the system menu.

  • Fixed garbled text bugs
  • Fixed downloading and installing channels (thanks to everyone who tested this)
  • Fixed downloading and installing system menus (thanks to everyone who tested this)
  • Fixed GUI errors which performed things different from what the user wanted
  • Fixed a bug involving the gamecube controller
  • Added the ability to download photo channel 1.0 or 1.1
  • Added another sanity check to prevent crashing

Download: Dop-IOS MOD v8
Source: wiibrew


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