Saturday, November 28, 2009

DosboxPSP v0.73 - Dos Emulator for PSP
tanweeho released an emulator for the PSP.
Out of curiosity , I have done a superficial port of PSP dosbox from ver 0.73.
Superficial because I have done nothing to change the unique routines (written by CrazyC) that gives the psp dosbox life. Those codes are beyond me now, so do not expect any performance improvement though.

It is buggy, I think... as I only have a handful of old DOS games to test with.

My EBOOT seems to crash when I set "machine=vgaonly" or "core=dynamic". Other than that, best to leave the parameters "auto" whenever possible.

DosboxPSP v0.73
Configuration here (Remember to rename it to dosbox.conf)
Source: ps2dev


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