Saturday, November 28, 2009

FCEU-PSP (FCEUltra Port) v0.3; PSP Nintendo Emulator

Final Fantasy 7 NES Cartridge

boootsector released FCEU-PSP, the FCE Ultra port now on version 0.3. It’s been recompiled against the FCEUltra Mappers Mod, which increases compatibility for those games utilizing NES MMC chips. Say what; NES MMC chips? You know it.

FCEU-PSP v0.3:

  • Changed codebase from FCEUltra 0.98.12 to FCEUltra Mappers Modified (jun16-2006)
  • Mappers compatibility increased (thanks to the fceumm codebase update)
  • Mapper 163/164 bugfixed based on FCEUX sources (FF7 Remake is now playable)
  • Improved the menu rendering a little
Download: FCEU-PSP v0.3

Source: psp-hacks

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