Saturday, November 28, 2009

MPlayer CE version 0.76

Damn, I just miss this one. Scip, Rodries and the rest of their team updated Mplayer CE. It is a fork of the Team Twiizers MPlayer port, combining elements of MPlayerWii and GeeXboX.

  • Fixes for 4.2 update
  • Stability fixes (hopefully freezing is gone forever now)
  • Network (LAN and WAN) speeds increased
  • Added directory play feature
  • YouTube section entirely revamped
  • Added Nintendo Channel content (quality may not yet be optimal) (thanks to yellowstar6 for his work on ninchdl-listext)
  • [ was planned but couldn't make it on time]
  • Many, many more bugs fixed

Download:  MPlayer CE v0.76

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