Sunday, November 8, 2009

PSPKVM v0.5.5 Test 2 

Sleepper, M@x and the rest of project PSPKVM dev team has recently released the second test version PSPKVM v0.5.5, a port of SUN's phoneME Feature that enables MIDP/JavaME applications to run on the PSP. The latest update features a new file based MP3 playback and added  a "mark all command" to AMS folders.

This release adds file-based MP3 playback capability to the JSR 135 Multimedia API, meaning J2ME media players like GlassPlayer will be able to play local MP3 files, and games and other apps using MP3s for sound should work. The package is a 'bare eboot' .zip, containing only the EBOOT.PBP (replace the one in our current 0.5.4 install or a previous 0.5.5 test build with it to add this feature).

  • Initial MP3 (JSR 135 Multimedia API) implementation added. This is a MediaEngine (hardware-based) implementation--very fast, and easy on your processor. It is for file-based playback only as of this release (no streaming from the net as yet), and has the following known limitations: there are no shuttle controls or volume control, metadata reading is not yet supported, and backgrounded playback, while functional, will break your network connection.
  • Added a 'mark all contents' command to AMS folders

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