Saturday, November 21, 2009

Quadrax v0.5

"Quadrax is logical game game where more than keen reactions you will need fast fingers and will have to use all your grey brain cells. :-) Just only that way you can succeed in solving all the ninety levels, which the game has."

Quadrax was originally ZX-Spectrum game made around 1994 by Slovak company called Cauldron, which was later ported to PC (Windows).
Game was based on 'Cauldron' game (Did you noticed that? :) made by Palace Software (UK) in 1986.
In 1997 Josef Kreutzer made by himself unofficial PC sequel called 'Return to Quadrax' and in 1999 he decided to make another sequel 'Quadrax III'.
In several next years he developed another games: Quadrax IV, Quadrax V and now he is working on Quadrax VI.
Original game had 50 levels, newer versions have around 100 levels each and game is more difficult.
Complete history and all about this games can be found at:
  • + Multiplayer game added!!!
  • + Characters are now controlled by Nunchuk joystick
  • + Camera is controlled by D-pad
  • + Better loading times
  • + Engine log is created (file Quadrax.log)

Download: Quadrax v0.5
Source: wiibrew


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