Thursday, November 19, 2009

ScummVM 1.0.0 "Shiny Logo"

All words are from greg of psp-hacks... sorry i'm really tired to post right now. ☺

3.5 months in the making and one of my personal favourites: ScummVM 1.0.0, codenamed “Shiny Logo.” Shiny like this Becks sitting next to my laptop… Mmmhmmm. Best of all — my old man came by the other day and dropped off all my old classics; because yeah, you need the original game data files for ScummVM to work.

ScummVM Day of the Tentacle Screenshot

ScummVM is awesome if you’re sporting the supported game data… If you are, install it and ScummVM and re-enjoy all the classic point-and-click adventures from the day; I’m talking Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max Hit the Road, Monkey Island, King’s Quest, Broken Sword, Police Quest, and no lie — the list goes on… You can check the full compatibility list right here.

ScummVM v1.0.0: (all changes)

  • General:
    • Fixed several bugs in GUI.
    • Updated the project logo and icons.
    • Clarified licenses for several PS2 port files.

  • PSP port:
    • Fixed video flickering and stretching is some situations.
    • Improved suspend/resume support.

Download: ScummVM 1.0.0

Source: psp-hacks


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