Sunday, November 29, 2009

uLoader v3.2

Hermes has released a update to uLoader, a usb loader for the Nintendo Wii that is based on Kwiirk's YAL and Waninkoko's Wii usbloader that tries to give support to both custom IOS (cIOS222 and cIOS249) to launch backups from USB mass storage devices with a graphical user interface similar to Wii channel interface.

  • Added support for cover from He has been a slight problem Josete said just above, that apparently does not return error if you do not find the cover art, but nothing that can not be solved with a small check (now have 3 pages from which to download album art) 
  • Fixed some minor reported bugs and changed the selection pointer (he ran the scroll to the skull [+ laughter]) 
  • Added support for BCA data, which as you know is the new protection system included in the NSMB (New Super Mario Bros for those who do not like abbreviations) and surely we will find in the new games from now
1) Added ioctl 0xda in dip_plugin, which is what is responsible for reading the data. BCA data are 64 bytes that can be read with this function in the original DVD, so since we have the possibility dip_plugin simulate or read data from the original DVD (it depends on an internal table normally contains zeros if a byte is set to a different value, simulated and if not, is read with the original function)

2) The data BCA (64 bytes) can store from the offset 0x100. Iso or from offset 0x8100 into. CISO normally raise it before the hard disk. This position is normally filled with zeros, as it is an unused area at the top of the DVD (I did not supply any useful to add, since I use WinHex and not worth it, but if a developer wants to have fun, there is a task done XD). By default, if this area is zero, uLoader uses a BCA data are compatible with the NSMB, so no need to patch. It adds the ability to add data BCA in the iso so that you can pass the correct data from your original if the security becomes more "demanding".
ATTENTION: The editor of BCA data flatmod added in the last sector. Iso. This method is not supported since uLoader

3) With new iocl not need none of the patches used Josete and can say that the system works well, both HDD and from DVD, with and without chip (so that my 8-legged spider, with disconnect a I can prove this and also have it out XD)

4) The BCA data is recorded in a special way in the original DVD, so that from the DVD mode has added a feature to display the string in hexadecimal format (they are 64 bytes in total). Remember that the copies do not contain such data, so the function may return error (would not be an option to display data) or trash. These data can point to hand and then add them to the. Iso using hex editor

5) Because it is possible to obtain BCA wrong, has not included any option to automate the process of installing games from the Wii itself and for the moment, does not include any option to add them to your hands (for the moment this option is unnecessary)

And that's more or less everything, hermes.

Download: uLoader v3.2

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