Saturday, November 14, 2009

Video of PSP Go Hacked on FW 6.10 POC

Good ol Sega Genesis emulator running on a CFW 6.10 but apparently will not be released...

Disclaimer from Team Typhoon:

This video is for bragging rights ONLY (since it's very cool nowadays) and shows our Proof of Concept 6.10 Custom Firmware running on the PSPgo. This will never be released to the general public or anyone else at all whether you are a dev or not, this is Team Typhoon internal material, we have no reason whatsoever to waste a perfectly good exploit. So don't ask for release dates. We don't care about your complaining, whining and everything remotely related and it's your own damn fault since you brought this on yourselves. Better version of the video showcasing more homebrew coming next week. Thanks go to Sony for this awesome piece of new hardware, finally a decent hardware revision. Also thanks to all historied PSP Homebrew developers for paving the way for us to be able to do this.

Source: davee@youtube


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