Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wii Unbricking 101: Unsoldering, Using Betwiin...for advance and serious Wii Unbrickers

Ready to take apart that Bricked Wii? pspmte posted at gbatemp what he have come up to fix 3 Wiis.

Items Required:
  1. An Infectus
  2. A TSOP socket 40A (Farnell part number 109-5884)
  3. A Triwing screwdriver
  4. Solder/Desolder
  5. To know what Broadway chip you have, such as 5070 or 5048.
  6. A Hex Editor
  7. Betwiin
The guide:

First, take the Wii apart, and unsolder the NAND chip from the board and install it to your Infectus with Socket, I had spent forever trying to hardwire the Infectus to the Wii's NAND but had failed.

Now we need to install Bootmii by Team Twiizers to your Wii, I used Soft-Xavbox-Programmer to install a Boot1b Boot2v3 Bootmii (My broadway ID was 5070) and then I proceeded to flash the NAND blocks 0-8.

Now carefully resolder the NAND back on the Wii's board and half build the Wii using the heat sink, Bluetooth and Wifi card and power on the Wii with the appropriate Bootmii files on the SD card, you should be in Bootmii.

Use Bootmii to make a NAND backup, as we need the HMAC and NAND key to fix the Wii. Now take out the SD card and open the NAND.bin with WinHex (I also reccomend making a backup on your PC) and get the keys, and save the last 1024 bytes of the file as you will need this later.

The HMAC-key is 20 bytes on $21000144
The NAND-key is 16 bytes on $21000158

Save the keys to Betwiin's output folder and then when Betwiin is done you should have a flash.bin file.

Open the flash.bin file in WinHex and add the last 1024 bytes from NAND.bin to it.

Open NAND.bin and copy 250 pages starting at $0 and then paste it to flash.bin starting at $0.

Save the file as NAND.bin an copy to your SD card, and restore it with Bootmii.

Your Wii should be fixed!

Source: gbatemp

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