Saturday, December 12, 2009

Configurable USB Loader v49

A new version of the Configurable USB Loader Based on Wanikoko SD/USB Loader, Kwiirk's Yal, Hermes uLoader, WiiPower's NeoGamma + many others (Sorg, nIxx, fishears, usptactical, 56Killer, WiiShizzza, hungyip84, Narolez, ...) have released v49, and finally, No more WBFS drive partition and managers.

- SDHC and USB HDD device support
- GUI and Console mode (switchable runtime)
- Background Music (.mp3 or .mod)
- Themes (switchable runtime)
- Widescreen (auto-detect)
- Transparency (covers and console)
- Cover images download
- Cover styles: 2d, 3d, disc
- Automatic resize of covers
- Renaming game titles (using titles.txt)
- Per game configuration of Video mode, Language, Ocarina cheating
- Light up DVD slot when install finishes, optional eject
- Childproof and parental guidance
- USB HDD with multiple partitions supported (WBFS for games and FAT for config, covers and other resources)
- SDHC with multiple partitions supported (WBFS for games and FAT for resources...)
- Custom IOS selection for better compatibility with USB drives and other USB devices.
- cIOS supported: waninkoko's 249 & 250, Hermes 222 & 223 (mload), kwiirk 222 & 223 (yal)
- Banner Sounds
- Loading games from .wbfs files on a FAT partition
- Configurable


cfg v49 (release)

* Fixed install game on SD/FAT
* Override [w]covers_size theme option with config.txt
* simple=0 will not unset hide_hddinfo when using -fat version
* Only one "#GAMEID" string inside binary - for direct starting

cfg v49b2 (beta2)

* Improved speed of loading game list when using FAT and /wbfs/id_title/ subdirs
* Changed default: fat_install_dir=1
* When downloading titles.txt and wii region is JA or KO force EN in titles_url {CC}
* Allow specifying alt_dol=name (on disc) when using direct start
* Accept GAMEID without # as argument for direct start (RHAP01 instead of #RHAP01)
* Override some theme options in base config.txt.
The options that can be overriden are those that don't
have a major effect on the theme looks and layout:
- hide_header
- hide_hddinfo
- hide_footer
- buttons
- simple
- cover_style
- cursor
- menu_plus
- gui_text_*
- gui_text2_*
- gui_title_top
* Save cfg loader version when saving gamelist.txt

cfg v49b (beta)

* Added BCA dump to file from install menu
(Press + to install and then press 1 to dump BCA)

cfg v49a (alpha)

* Games on SDHC with IOS 222/223 for both FAT or WBFS partition
* Games in subdirs on FAT
* Rename old boot.dol to boot.dol.bak when upgrading
* If the loader is used to start a game directly
(from a channel created with crap or similar tools)
and option: intro=0 is specified then no intro
and no progress is displayed until the game is started
* Support for .wip game patches (by WiiPower)
Loaded from: sd:/usb-loader/GAMEID.wip (text format)
* Support for BCA data (by Hermes)
Loaded from: sd:/usb-loader/GAMEID.bca (binary data of size 64 bytes)
(updated dip plugin from uloader 3.2)
* option: disable_nsmb_patch=[0],1 will disable the builtin nsmb patches
(in case someone wants to use/test the external .wip patch or .bca data)
* Enable WiiRD if usb gecko is connected and ocarina is enabled
even if not codes are found (by Rfrf)
* Ocarina url fix: /R/ID6 instead of /ID1/ID6 (for SNM*)

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