Saturday, December 5, 2009

CustomizeMii v1.2


CustomizeMii is a 100% legal custom Channel creator for the Wii.
It's completely written by myself (some parts are based on other 100% legal codes).
Use legal Base WADs to create your own legal custom Homebrew Channels.
The .NET Framework 2.0 is required to run this application!

  • Fixed writing/reading of channel titles, so japanese characters will work now
  • Added checkbox (Options tab) to turn security checks off
  • Added built-in forwarder creator (Needs the ForwardMii.dll which is separately avaiable)
  • You can choose MP3 files as channel sound (Needs lame.exe in application directory)
  • Bugfixes

Editing WAD files can result in a brick of your Wii.
Only use this application if you have a bricksafe Wii, meaning either Preloader or BootMii/boot2 is installed, and if you know what you're doing. Editing of the banner can easily cause a banner brick (causes the system menu to crash after the health screen) if you are not careful (although this program should fix any issues with that) which is only fixable but easily so if you have access to Homebrew Channel or BootMii from the launch of your Wii.

Download:  CustomizeMii v1.2

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