Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lua Mp3 v0.2

Homebrew coder ac-portugal has released the first version LuaMP3, a simple MP3 player programmed in Lua with a loading bar similar to the iPhone. The latest update has added lots of new features and fixes some minor bugs from the previous release.


  • The boot was removed.
  • For the homebrew works, the necessary drivers are installed at startup. S'lis are already present, the homebrew will run directly on the list of music.
  • The battery icon has been removed and replaced by the percentage of battery.
  • Access options is available throughout the drive.
  • Possibility to move the lever via the joystick.
  • Ability to lower / increase the screen brightness in the options.
  • Ability to enable / disable the joystick in the options (including the joystick which bugguent).
  • Bar in the scrolling list of music.
  • A bar sound was added when a file is read.
  • If the HOLD button is activated, the screen turns itself off.
  • Ability to delete files in the list with music circles.
  • The time and the percentage of battery appears across the homebrew.
  • If the name of the artist, album name and title do not exist, the homebrew will not display anything, whereas in the previous version, it displays "Unknown".
  • Some parts of the code have been improved.
  • Alert when the battery drops below 5%
  • All configuration files have been deleted and every effort was made in a single config file
  • The key tips_home_small was blocked to leave, you must press select.
  •  Fixed some minor bugs.

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