Saturday, December 19, 2009

PSP Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-D3 and 5.03 GEN-C for HEN


The much awaited CFW Update this season is here...

  • Ability to run 6.10 + games without having to patch (UMD or ISO)
  • Ability to run games protected as Gundan vs. Gundam Naruto for example (UMD or ISO)
  • To launching PSN demos requiring 6.10 + without having to patch
Quoted from greg:

The scoop: All right… So we’re in #psp-hacks live chat testing things out, discussing, you know… PSP-2000 (Slim) — bang on; Yoshihiro, my sincerest. PSP-1000 (Phat) — something’s a little off… The PSP-1000, under System Information, reports 5.50 GEN-D (Full), while the Slim is sayin’ 5.50 GEN-D3. At least for me it is. On the 1000 you may experience other odd behaviour too. I can’t speak for 5.03 GEN-C and 2000v3/3000, but feel free to leave your comments below.

5.50 GEN-D3
5.03 GEN-C for HEN

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