Saturday, December 5, 2009

PSP Live TV v0.4 (UPDATED)


nickxab has released a new version of PSP Live TV, a homebrew app that allows you to stream different television stations on your PSP using Wi-Fi. The latest release is a bug fixed update.

This an application that lets you to watch TV in your psp with the wifi. It is a modification of the PSPTube that can play some streams. Now it contains 52 TV streams.


  • Copy the PSP folder in the memory stick root.
  • Now for the streams.
  • Open the folder called "streams" that contained in the archieve and you will see
    some folders with names from countres.Take the channel(s) you want and put it/them
    in the favorites folder in the /PSP/GAME/PSP LIVE TV/ folder.
    Also there is a folder called "" that has the streams from the j13dj's version.

  • The HighMemMod added again and it works fine now.

Download: PSP Live TV v0.4

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