Saturday, December 19, 2009

PSP-Maps v2.2 ; Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps & More on Your PSP

PSP-Maps version 2.2… PSP-Maps works best when you’re near a WiFi connection; it uses Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, Virtual Earth, and as of version 2.1, OpenStreetMap to fetch and display geographic locations.

PSP-Maps is a tool that allows you to browse Google Maps, Virtual Earth and Yahoo Maps with your PSP and its WiFi connection. You can move around the map, zoom in and out, cycle through the different available views, search for an address, load/save favorites, etc.

It includes a cache system so you can browse later the maps you have previously seen, even if you don't have WiFi available. There is also a PC version if you don't have WiFi at all, so you can build a cache on your computer and copy it to your PSP.

Technically, PSP-Maps connects directly to the servers to fetch the images, it does not use the provided APIs since there are usually in JavaScript and not convenient for a homebrew.

PSP-Maps is compatible with the PSP-290 GPS and Motion Kit device.


  • replaced radius scan with recursive scan
  • allow bigger disk cache
  • updated urls.txt for Google Maps

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