Monday, December 14, 2009

PSPdisp v0.4 : Dual Monitors Using The PlayStation Portable

Now with improved audio streaming — JJS’ PSPdisp… It’s a combination of two drivers and two apps that make it possible to use your PSP as a second display monitor. The video is what’s up.
You need a PSP running a custom firmware; most custom firmwares seem compatible, or a PSP using ChickHEN and CFW Enabler. On the PC side you need Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7 — both 32 and 64 bit are supported. A multicore processor is also recommended.


  • New features:

    • new USB driver based on WinUSB, that is compatible with 64 Bit versions of Windows (no driver signature check problem)
    • previous libusb based USB driver still supported
    • new audio recording mode for Vista / Windows 7 which uses software loopback, no longer requiring a “Stereomix” or “What you hear” device
    • increased USB transfer speeds (60 fps reachable with all compression quality settings)
    • new “Uncompressed” quality mode, doesn’t apply any compression to the images resulting in less CPU load and best image quality
    • PSP CPU speed now configurable for USB mode
    • increased character limit for the IP address / server name dialog
    • IP address is now also shown on the WLAN tab of the options window
    • audio streaming can now be completely disabled in case of problems
    • new option to hide the mouse cursor on inactivity
    • new control file option for analog mouse cursor movement with the analog stick
    • added intaller option for creating a Windows-Firewall exception for PSPdisp

  • Bug fixes:

    • CPU speed control for WLAN mode fixed
    • fixed WLAN timeout problem mentioned in the v0.3 known issues
    • PSPdisp now stays in SideShow mode when the screen resolution or geometry changes
    • various interface bugs fixed
    • rapidly enabling/disabling or attaching/detaching of the PSP in USB mode would trigger an exception

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