Sunday, July 26, 2009

MyMenu v1.3 released

Jacol Beyros has released MyMenu 1.3.

* Uses zetsubou
* New Icon
* Customizable GUI image
* New exit button.
* No longer uses/deletes C:\temp folder
* Can be installed anywhere
* Prompts save name based off of name of .mym
* File open dialog starts in the Working Directory

The main reason for this release was the new Icon by Aeox. I just
threw in all of this other stuff for the hell of it.

For the customizable gui, you need to find a .png image, rename it to “mym.png” and copy it over the pre-existing one in your MyMenu directory. This new image is your new MyMenu gui.

The exit button is acting a little funny, I blame AutoShit. The far right two pixels will allow you to click the button.

If you use your temp folder, then you no longer have to worry about its imminent deletion caused by MyMenu. It is safe.

No longer needs to be installed to C:\mymenu. Can be installed anywhere. This parts not exactly tested, but I’m not going to lose any sleep because of worry.

If your .mym is called “kickass wii theme.mym”, then your finished .csm file’s name will be prompted as “kickass wii theme.csm”.

The file search will open in your last used folder, making it easy to find all of your .app files and .mym files.

Note: this is not a release by Xuzz! I can’t confirm that it works properly, though it does at least install correctly and start up.

Download: MyMenu v1.3

Source: wadder


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