Sunday, July 26, 2009

Play and make money with Kitten Cannon Ca$h Tournament

Kitten Cannon

SG57’s Kitten Cannon Ca$h Tournament by catapulting teh catz as far as you can has to get teh high scorez. For more information go here.

  • Added a new Ca$h Tournament system where you can win real money just by scoring high!
  • Added custom MP3 Playback, recursively scans the /MUSIC and /PSP/MUSIC folders. Included is a Default.mp3
  • Switched to intraFont making text fonts much better
  • Upgraded to the SVN version of OSlibmod
  • Small tweaks regarding collision and physics
  • Uses Sony utilities for a smooth and seamless interface
  • Rotation of cannon barrel no longer resets after each launch
  • A lot of small tweaks and fixes I hadn’t caught all those years ago…
Download: Kitten Cannon - Cash Tournament v1.0
Source: psp-hacks


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