Saturday, August 8, 2009

Chicken Invaders v1.1

Chicken Invaders Title Screen

Kairus101 released his version of Chicken Invaders for the PSP.

Developer notes:
put the chicken invaders folder in MS0:\PSP\GAME\

im not sure what firmware it works on, all that i know is that it works on a psp fat with 5.00 m33 and a 1.5 kernal add-on.

if it does *not* work on your psp, send your psp details to

The synopsis quoted from psp-hacks:
Chickens from a far away galaxy are journeying to Earth looking to get revenge on us humans for the obvious reasons of McChickens, McNuggets, etc. And you, you’re like the John Conner of the Chicken Resistance. You must save the human race by blasting these chickens to smithereens. Really, it’s a top-down shooter similar to Galaxian or Space Invaders.

Download: Chicken Invaders v1.1
Source: psp-hacks


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