Thursday, August 6, 2009

Psardumper 5.50 - decrypts a portion of the 5.50 firmware

Team Red Bull gives us another development in PSP Firmwares. This time they've released another modification of Dark-AleX's PSAR Dumper for firmware 5.50. This however partially decrypts a portion of it. From the team's words translated thru Babel:

The PSARDumper Dark Alex has been updated so that decrypts files from 5.50 firmware. However, not all decrypts, because we did not reverse engineer the files containing the keys of the firmware, and the truth we do not believe that what we will do and we understand that there are websites, people, ... that have already completely decoded.

Download: PSAR Dumper 5.50
Source: redbullpsp


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