Friday, August 21, 2009

Chunk Munch v0.6

A simple yet addictive game, just point and click on two or more connected and identical 'chunks' to 'munch' them up.

  • New Logo! Thnx Faine!
  • added a 'munch' sound to the WingedVayla skin
  • Loading screen now shows after some basics have been initialized, instead of waiting for EVERYTHING.
  • Added (bad) music and sound support (Expect samples to be either played too fast or too slow (Currently using 22050 Hz, samples of this speed should work fine))
    • Supports all types SDL_Mixer supports, if it doesn't read the file, try removing the extension.
  • Moved 'quit' and 'back' buttons to lower left
  • To exit the game press any key (except a or b), this prevents the game from closing the screen when you are frantically clicking the screen (a.k.a. monkey proof bugfix)
  • Added an option to no longer wait for movement (animation) to stop, enabling fast clicking mode.
  • Fixed: Chrash when: No skin name was defined in XML. Occurs when saved with default skin, or loading a old XML file.
  • Repositioned the menu's a bit.
  • Fixed: Miscalculation of the field size, preventing the game from checking all rows correctly for the end conditions.
  • Removed southpark skin from the install package, still need to create a webpage to add all the future skins.
Download: Chunk Munch v0.6 via tehskeen
Source: wiibrew


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