Wednesday, August 5, 2009

CSPortable v 0.8B2

CSPortable Screenshot

After a long time, Stealthkill’s CSPortable is updated. It's a homebrew Counter Strike like game which you can play thru WiFi but when you use it, it still crashes...

But still a great game to play with even on single play mode.

  • Bullet Spread
  • Serverlist
  • Skybox (Added from Kurok0.4)
  • Clean Menus
  • Rescue Zones on CS maps
  • Buy Zones on all Maps
  • Bomb Zones on DE maps
  • Grenade Fix
  • Throw Weapons Fix (need some models)
  • Fixed bug that allowed Terrorists to buy Counter-Terrorist Weapons
  • Fixed bug that allowed Counter-Terrorists to buy Terrorist Weapons
  • Fixed bug that allowed to plant the bomb everywhere
  • Transparent Texture Support
  • Some Menus Fixed
  • 3rd Person Weapon
  • Grenade Fix
  • Mp5 Faster
  • Mac10 Fixed

Download: CSPortable v 0.8B2
Source: psp-hacks


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