Sunday, August 2, 2009

SuperDump v1.3 released

SuperDump is a DVD dumper which can copy a game in about an hour.
Recently while working on RawkSD we've had to dump a few discs (RB1/GH3/GH:A/GH:WT/GH:M/GH:SH) and I thought I could make a much faster dumper than the available ones. So using the source code for CaitSith2's dumper (based on nitrotux's work) I went ahead and did it. The results are pretty impressive: around half an hour to dump a single layer disc and an hour to dump SSBB.

  • Dumps to SD, USB2 or USB1 (fallback if USB2 is not detected)
  • SDHC support under any IOS (although it tries to use IOS249 if available)
  • Ability to choose chunk sizes (mainly to suit 1GB, 2GB and 4GB SD cards) and which chunk to start dumping from
  • Checks for available free space before starting dump
  • Detection of FAT partitions other than partition 0
  • Shows time remaining (for current chunk only)
  • Unlike the USBLoader, produces 1:1 disc images and works with FAT partitions

Note: cIOS r13 is recommended since r14 may have issues dumping

Download: SuperDump v1.3
Source: tehskeen


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