Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dawn Mod for CSPSP

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Homebrew coder SpartanX2X has dropped by our forums to release a new mod for the ever-popular homebrew game CSPSP called, Dawn. According to the dev, this mod is a total conversion of CSPSP without the source and features various hex editing, new GFX and sounds. The Dawn is also a disk saver because its the first interchangeable mod, meaning you don't have to redownload maps when you switch to other mods.

The premise of dawn is simple. The year is 2023, the gangs of New York have allied to form a crime Syndicate. Their goal is to slowly expand their territory and control as much of New York as possible. They have been winning battles against the military, so the government has set up a new unit. The ASU (Anti-Syndicate Unit). The ASU is comprised of the most elite soldiers from around the country. Unfortunately, they are few in numbers due to this. Thus they frequently receive help from local authorities and the military.

The CSPSPC Dawn release contains dawn and the ORIGINAL CSPSP. If you wish to switch it out for another mod, simply copy the contents of the mods folder into the "Dawn mod 4 CSPSP v1.0" folder under "PSP", then edit the "MODS.TXT" in the CSPSPC folder (which is in the game folder) to include your mod!

There are a few things I must warn you about though, due to some error on my end, DO NOT RENAME THE DAWN FOLDER. I am not sure why, but if you rename the folder, the game will not work. The same goes for the CSPSPC version of it, leave the folder names exactly how I have them. The names may seem too long for some, but that's just the way it is, at the moment there is nothing I can do about it.

Dawn Mod for CSPSP (Center Edition)
Dawn Mod for CSPSP Standalone
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