Sunday, August 23, 2009

Warning about Bootmii beta 3!

mattjd gives us some information regarding BootMii beta 3:

To fix the bootmii beta3 Nand dumps so it will work with Restoremii function follow these simple instructions that Xuzz wrote plus some random guy added a bit at the start

if you realy want to be clean and functional :
1- hex edit you keys.bin the offset 0x00000013, add(=insert) 1 byte between 0x00000013 and 0x00000014 with the value 20(the new 0x00000014 = 20(=in binary 00100000))
2- REMOVE the offset 0x00000100 normaly it's an zero value (00)

after follow one of this method posted on top by icefire (depend on ours operating system):


1) Start -> Run -> cmd
2) Find the drive letter of your SD card, for example, F:.
3) Type this, replace the X with the drive letter: cd X:\
4) Type this: copy /b nand.bin + keys.bin nand.bin
5) ?????
6) PROFIT!!!

*nix (Mac and Linux):
1) Open a terminal.
2) Find the mount point of your SD card (/media/VOLUMENAME often on Linux, /Volumes/VOLUMENAME on Mac)
3) Type this, replacing MOUNTPOINT with the mount point of your SD card: cd MOUNTPOINT
4) Type this: cat nand.bin keys.bin > nand.bin
5) ?????
6) PROFIT!!!

But if your lazy like me and cba to HEX edit the key.bin i found this tool on GBAFAIL!

Here is the instructions from the original creator of the tool (redia):

here is a small application that does it all for you.

it will check the keys.bin and patch it if needed.
it will modify the nand.bin if available
it will also give you the unique console ID contained in the keys.bin
and it write a log file to make sure you can keep track of what has been done.

if the keys.bin is not valid a new one will be created named "keys-fixed.bin" so the original is not modified
the nand.bin IS modified, but only the keys part.. so if you need to revert you simply need to delete this part.

the only thing you need to do is to copy in the application folder
1. the keys.bin.
2. the nand.bin. not mandatory, put it there only if you want to modify it
I've just copied all of the entries from the original post (just like I always do when I'm too lazy to think, hehe!).

Source: wadder


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