Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Future Player

hello guys!

i wanted to let you know that we - paradise - released a replayer for different oldschool module formats such as SMOD/FC14, YM, XM, MOD and IT.
the replayroutines itself are opensource by it's respective authors who are mentioned in the nfo file. also thanks to all people who help the sdk to be a little more comfortable every day.
we thought implementing/porting them to a psp player is a nice collection of routines that are worth to have with you

you can get the package here. feel free to leave a comment here or at the archive. the controls are listed in fp_controls.txt.

report any bugs (please with a description of how they're reproducable) here or leave a message in our mailbox (see nfo for address).


Download: Future Player
Source: dcemu


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