Wednesday, August 19, 2009

USB Cover Flow v1.2a

The Team behind USB Cover Flow a USB Loader for the Nintendo Wii have released a new version of their graphical cover based loader. Using this Loader along with a USB drive you can load your legal backup collection in style as it features a scrollable cover interface (see the video).

v1.2 (Stable)
* SDHC support fixed
* Improved cover loading speed
* Cheat downloads redirected to

v1.2a (2.0 SVN Path)
* OSK (OnScreen-Keyboard) (qwerty)
* used with dynamic paths
* used with cheat manager
* Method for alt.DOL from Image with autoselection implemented
* Method for alt.DOL from SD: / USB: implemented
* CoverFloader News Service (CFNS) (requires internet connection)
* CoverFloader NewsReader
* 2nd page for System Information (paths)
* dynamic paths for all CoverFloader files and directories on SD: and USB: (editable with OSK)
* additional support for USB-Devices
* support for the new game hooks (found in GeckoOS 1.9.2)
* cheat codes with variables are now editable
* SDHC support fixed
* Improved cover loading speed
* Improved cheat compatibility (codes per cheat raised to 100)
* Cheat downloads redirected to

Download: USB Cover Flow v1.2a
Source: tehskeen


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