Wednesday, August 26, 2009

GenesisPlusGX animated forwarder

App: GenesisPlusGX Forwarder (djdynamite123)
Application Description: forwards to sd:\apps\genplusgx\boot.dol
Channel Name: GenesisPlusGX
Channel ID: GPGX
Blocks: 9
Type: Animated (coded by my own fair hand, NO bases used)
Wii Settings: Working
SDHC Compatible: Yes
Widescreen Compatible: Yes
Tested by: CountZero

this has taken some time and heartache (apologies for anyone that caught my whinging in #wadder) and i'm still not 100% happy with the timings on the icon.
icon contains 15 frames of animation, the banner contains 47!!!
i made a useful discovery about tiling for the icon background, and updated the wiki accordingly.

Download: GenesisPlusGX animated forwarder
Source: wadder


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