Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hear !t

Enjoyed Turn !t much? It's time to put that aside now and make room for the latest installment in the !t series from Preyker with a little GFX help from his buddy -blue7.

Hear !t is my very new homebrew i picked up some help for as well this time. It's "-blue7" that helped me out with the GFX stuff, so i could completely focus on the code. Please keep in mind, that "Hear !t" was just another participant homebrew for the third PSPKING.DE Coding Competition, so this had to be created within just three days as well (yh, our contests are somewhat exciting due to the little time you have

I reckon with this one you'll have to hear the cues this time in order to solve the puzzle (USB port is busted, to those wondering why I don't check out the brew myself). Help me out and tell us what's in it, will you?

Download: Hear !t
Source: qj


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