Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How To: Disk Channel Loading Without CIOSCORP

PSP Playground resident VettaCossX-AlphA shares us a little guide on how to load back ups on Disk Channel Without CIOSCORP.

Remove all regions skip update check fix bug
Region free games fix bug
Move disc channel add
No background sound add
No copy save game protection
Healthwarning with no backmenu
Channel almost hidden, smaller size
Added screen at POClauncher

To get this to work, all you need is Preloader and the files listed below.
PAL and NTSC compatible

Aquilino Pack (MediaFire)

1. Get FS Browser and get the or (copy it to the SD card you will find it under /title/00000001/00000002/content/1000000[43/46].app) thx icefireicefire
2. It should now be at the root of you SD card, rename it to sysmenu.dol
3. Install the Aquilino Menu Patcher Channel with Wad Manager (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE WANINKOKOS CUSTOM IOS36 R.7 NOT WIIGATORS IF YOU GET AN ERROR!)
4. Put the Auto Loader dol to the root of your SD card
5. In Preloader select install/load dol and install it, in settings set Preloader to autoboot dol
6. And you have Loading through the disk channel without patching all you IOS's or patching IOS 30

This Auto Loads a patched System Menu which you can play backups through the disk channel

aquilino and I have no responsibility if you brick your Wii, you install this at your own risk. biggrin.gif

**If you upgraded to the newest Preloader, get your latest or again.


Source: pspplayground


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