Sunday, August 2, 2009

PSP Tool version 1.0

PSP Tool Screenshot

Raing3's PSP Tool now climbs to version 1.0. It is a tool for managing your memory stick, battery, ID storage on your PSP.

  • Added: Detection of HEN version under System Information (thanks to Davee).
  • Added: Detection of TA-088v3, TA-090 and TA-090v2 motherboards under System Information.
  • Fixed: Made a change to improve the reliability of extracting an IPL using the first option.
  • Fixed: If the original PSP firmware version cannot be retrieved “N/A” will be shown instead of nothing.
  • Fixed: Crash if circle is enter.
  • Fixed: The battery menu can no longer be accessed if the PSP does not support reading/writing to the battery EEPROM.
  • Other: Changed the wave style used.
  • Other: Decreased RAM usage by a massive ~2MB.
Download: PSP Tool v1.0
Source: psp-hacks


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